We are a team of scientists who believe interdisciplinarity is key to answer scientific questions. 
We collaborate to achieve diverse scientific projects using a combination of our respective expertises !
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Aude Bernheim, PhD
Bacterial Genetics ; Phage
Biology ; Genomics
aude.bernheim AT
Publications ; CV

Helena Shomar, PhD
Synthetic biology
Metabolic engineering
helena.shomar AT

Ernest Mordret, PhD
Systems Biology
Data analysis
ernest.mordret AT

Jean Cury, PhD
Bioinformatics. Evolutionary
biology. Machine Learning
jean.cury AT

Heloise Georjon
Phage biology
heloise.georjon AT

Florian Tesson
Anti-phage systems
florian.tesson AT

Current Students
Ines Charachon, Master student (M2)

We are very happy to be supported by the following institutions
– European Research Council (ERC Starting Grant)
– INSERM (ATIP-avenir Grant)
– Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation (CRI fellowship)
– University de Paris Cité (Emergences)
– Region IdF/Marie Curie (CO-fund fellowship)
– Genetics Society of America (Rosalind Franklin Award)

Alumni Students
Master Students
2021: Julienne Bernier (M2)
2022: Margot LeBot, (M1) , Paula Thiel Pizarro (M1), Eduard Sunne (M2)